Employing a collaborative approach to design a holistic CSR strategy

What they wanted

The international software giant wanted an impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sport strategy that would maximize their involvement in sport across their different parts of the business (product and sponsorship) to achieve their objective of equipping the world’s youth with the skills to tackle society’s problems and to thrive in a digital economy.


Through a three-step process we developed a strategy around social change, technology and sport that aligned the CSR, sponsorship and product departments; integrated all social responsibility activities into one streamlined narrative; engaged all key stakeholders across sponsorship and product and sport partners; could be scaled and replicated in SAP’s markets across the world; and could be activated in a sustainable way that utilized their assets both internally and externally but did not exhaust their time and resources. 

First, we conducted a full audit of their business and the three key departments that would be involved in the strategy. We interviewed all key internal and external stakeholders and held a full day workshop with senior leadership to identify their objectives, concerns, challenges and successes.

Second, we did a landscape audit of where SAP could make the biggest difference and stand out as unique.

Third, we created the strategy, using our network, expertise and analysis of steps one and two.



Our comprehensive and collaborative strategy was approved by SAP’s Head’s of Global CSR and Sponsorship. The strategy encompassed all of SAP’s global markets and their existing work, engaged all departments, provided a business and social impact focus, and integrated powerful partners and stakeholders across the world of sports. Most importantly, the strategy outlined how to have a meaningful impact on young people across the world, using SAP’s brand, products and resources.

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