Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation

Supporting an NFL Hall of Famer to uplift young people and communities in need

What they wanted

Football (American) legend and education and wellness advocate, Brian Dawkins, wanted to leverage the life experiences he gained from growing up in a challenging neighborhood and during his standout university and NFL careers to provide resources and positive interventions to young people in marginalized communities.


In order to create a narrative, strategy and delivery plan for the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation, thinkBeyond first held an intensive discovery workshop with Dawkins to truly understand his personal story, the values that drive him and the outcomes he wanted to achieve. This helped us to focus his goals to three main areas:

• Education
• Cerebral wellness (mental health)
• Strengthening family and community support systems

Using the workshop insights, we analyzed the communities of primary importance  to Dawkins (Jacksonville, FL Philadelphia, PA and Clemson, SC) in order to strategically and effectively devise impactful programs and source implementation partners to address his focus areas – and plan a fundraising structure to support them.


The Impact Foundation officially launched in 2019 and retained us to be responsible for year-round delivery, including oversight and management of programming, partners, governance, fundraising, events, communications, monitoring and evaluation.

The foundation’s first initiative, the digital Brian Dawkins Values Program (BDVP), was launched in schools during the height of the COVID pandemic to support youth mental health as a matter of priority through a partnership we facilitated with a leader in youth social impact education.

As the foundation continues to grow, thinkBeyond continues to provide administrative and strategy support to maintain and expand programming. Upcoming focus areas include a program to support single parents, financial literacy programs for young people, grants for college-bound students and enhancements to expand the BDVP post pandemic.

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“I’m very thankful for the personal touch and expertise of thinkBeyond in helping the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation begin to realize its vision of blessing as many people as possible.”

-Brian Dawkins, Founder 

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