Nick Keller

Founder and President

Nick is an established leader within the sport industry, working with some of the most significant decision makers and influencers and playing a leading role in driving forward sport’s commitment to social change.

As the CEO of Benchmark, a company that creates and invests in purpose-driven business, Nick co-founded thinkBeyond in 2014 as which has since has grown into one of the foremost agencies on social impact. The agency has advised some of the world’s biggest brands and talent, including SAP, Barclays, ESPN, Michael Johnson, BT, Special Olympics, Legal and General, WWE and Jade Jones-Hall. thinkBeyond was a natural next step from Beyond Sport, which Nick founded in 2008 recognizing that, in light of the socio-economic landscape shift due to the financial crisis, businesses' relationship with society was going to have to change. Backed by some of the world’s most influential leaders, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson and Tony Blair, sports biggest players, including the major US sports leagues — MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS, and brands like Barclays, TIME Magazine and PwC, the organization has since become the global force for sustainable social change through sport. Beyond Sport convenes innovators and thought leaders in cities around the world for thousands of people, where hundreds of high-level experts in politics, tech, innovation, shared-value and ethics speak, engage and debate on sport’s role in hard-hitting issues like the STEM education crisis, mental health, the refugee crisis, youth gun crime and religious and ethnic divides. At the helm of the dynamic companies that make up Benchmark, Nick has spearheaded multiple brands that have changed the face of how sport interacts with business and purpose. This includes Sport Industry Group and the Sport Industry Awards – the world’s largest commercial sports awards evening and the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, which harnesses the power of teamwork and employee engagement through physical wellness by running corporate races in 12 cities across the world. A regular commentator on sport’s role in sustainable development, social equality and purpose, Nick has also sat on the Global Advisory Board for The World Economic Forum on Sport and Society and speaks regularly on leadership, shared values and the future of business and society.