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Our Way of Thinking

We were built on the belief that sport is a shared language that can bring people together and provides an invaluable tool to help society grow and improve. thinkBeyond fulfills on that belief by providing strategic consultancy to brands, sports teams, leagues, sports federations, talent and governments who want to do good business and create positive social change.

Driven by a passion for purpose

We’re constantly growing, innovating, creating and delivering. And while we have offices on two continents (in NYC and London) and deliver projects in cities all over the world, we are a team that is close-knit, caring and dedicated – both to our work and to supporting each other. We travel to amazing places together and deliver groundbreaking events for exciting clients and with forward-thinking partners. We witness first-hand how sport can change lives, but we are also integrated in the commercial and business side of sport and social responsibility, making our position unique.

Since our inception, we’ve never had a year like the one previous. Every year is different – new cities, projects, partners.

Our History

thinkBeyond was founded in 2014 as a natural extension of our sister company Beyond Sport, a global organization that promotes, supports and celebrates the use of sport to address social issues in communities around the world. We are part of the umbrella organization Benchmark, which creates and invests in purpose driven businesses, spanning across the likes of participation sporting events, networking and news platforms, talent management and esports.

The people who work for thinkBeyond who find this environment exciting and meaningful, who see opportunities everywhere, who always think we can do better, and who have fresh and new perspectives on how the world should be doing things.

Meet the Team

The thinkBeyond team lives and breathes sport for social change and shared value 365 days a year.

Pete Fitzboydon
Managing Director

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Nick Keller
Founder and President

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Alexandra (Lex) Chalat
Global Advisor

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Radha Balani
Director of Design & Facilitation

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Rowena Luscombe
Senior Account Manager

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Sam Shave
Head of Business Development

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Sophie Ray
Senior Account Manager

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Mieke Evans
Account Manager

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Fred Turner
Consulting Advisor

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Lisa Markey
Senior Account Manager

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Ben Pilbeam
Head of Talent Management

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Karen Smith
Management Accountant

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Karen Asare
Head of Communications and Campaigns

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Georgie Ffennell
Senior Event Manager

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Ushma Makwana
Content Coordinator

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Peter Hughes
Network & Foundation Manager

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Our Values

thinkBeyond is built on six core principles. Principles that drive all of our work and a team that is dedicated to helping you achieve your social and business goals.

Shared Value

Business and social objectives are interlinked, so we ensure all our strategies achieve both.

  1. Shared Value

    Business and social objectives are interlinked, so we ensure all our strategies achieve both.

  2. Sustainable & Measurable Impact

    We make sure the positive outcomes of the work we deliver can be monitored and communicated.

  3. Sport for Social Change

    Sport, when used appropriately and purposefully, can be a tool, a catalyst, a platform, and an influencer in making our world a better place.

  4. Best in Class Service Provision

    The work we do is personal and our clients matter to us - so we do everything in our power, no matter the time or place, to ensure success.

  5. Community Minded

    We believe that local organizations know best, and work hard to ensure our network encompasses the best and most knowledgeable partners in communities worldwide.

  6. Globally Aware

    We are constantly challenging ourselves to be educated and action-oriented about the world’s most pressing issues.

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